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Lodging Options in Winifred

Winifred currently has excellent quality, highly convenient lodging options at prices far
less than you would pay in larger towns, and these options will become even greater
when the new hotel comes on line in the coming months.  If you're looking for a place
to stay, please consider any of these great options.
Winifred Brick Flat Vacation Rental

At prices far lower than almost any hotel, this modern 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath home in
downtown Winifred is not only incredibly comfortable, but also great on the wallet.  It
comes with Verizon cell phone access (not otherwise available in Winifred, except
from Winifred Grocery), WiFi, an office with a desktop computer and
printer/copier/scanner for your use, Dish Network TV, and Netflix available on the
new internet-connected flat screen TV.  The home also has central heating and air
conditioning and a full kitchen, making it your home away from home.  High quality
bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture make this a place you'll want to
return to again and again.

For more information, see the
Winifred Brick Flat Vacation Rental website.

Wickens Ranch/Dog Creek Outfitters

Matt and Jamie Wickens offer a unique lodging option that is absolutely stunning.
Their lodge is perched on the edge of the Dog Creek/Missouri River Breaks, and
offers an experience that one would expect from a multi-million dollar vacation home
in a place like Lake Tahoe or Big Sky.

With several bedrooms, along with a huge mezzanine sleeping area, this lodge is
perfect for small groups or large groups.

For contact info and more information about their offering, see the
Wickens Ranch

Winifred Apartments

Located in the same building as the Winifred Brick Flat Vacation Rental, these two
one bedroom units in downtown Winifred offer comfort at very affordable rates.

For more information, please see the
Winifred Apartments website.

Winifred RV Park

Winifred RV Park and Campground